About us and Corfu

Niggy and I live with our two male cats, Kasimir and Lukas, in the southwestern tip of Germany,
in Rheinfelden, about 10 km upstream from Basel.
Professionally, we deal with stone carving and photography.

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Niggy has a great passion for animals, especially for horses and dogs.
This of course is reflected in their great dog and horse pictures.
Her second passion is building in wood and beautifying furniture and rooms.

I am a volleyball coach in my spare time and fishing and boating are still part of my passion in Corfu.

Which brings us to Corfu, to be precise the Northern part of the island, and why we have a second home just there.

This is simply because I lived there for almost five years during my years of wandering, and I have learned to love the place and many people.
Over the years, we grew into a circle of reliable friends and even families.
It is not for nothing that they say "Friends are the family we choose".
These people and the special flair of the island let us return again and again.

Here is a gallery with some impressions from the last few years, some photographed simply with the phone, some with the DSLR :

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